Our Feedback

Katie & Mike

Congrats on your engagement and upcoming wedding. You are off to a great start by looking into EAT. You could not pick a better caterer for you wedding. Honestly!  I got married in June of 2014 and selected EAT for a few reasons:  1. The EAT staff would be on top of the details (and they were! from the pre-planning, to added touches, to day of. Everything looked awesome)  2. I knew that with EAT I would not have a care in the world about the food or catering on my wedding day (and that was 100% true - they had everything together, plus some) 3. The food would kick ass! (and it did!! we still have people telling us that our wedding menu was some of the best wedding food they have ever had! It never gets old hearing how much our guest enjoyed the food that night!) As you can tell, I am a big fan of EAT, Katie and Heather. I love working with them through the planning and loved each bit of our dinner - which we made sure to actually sit down and eat!! :)  Good luck with your planning and enjoy it!  Katie G. 

Karina & Spencer

Congratulations on your engagement, I'm sure it's going to be a BEAUTIFUL day!  My husband Spencer and I got married in 2014 in Lyons and Katie catered it. It was flawless and people STILL tell us how amazing the food was over a year later! We feel supremely lucky to call Katie more than just a caterer for our wedding, but also a dear friend. Katie catered for a permaculture design course that Spencer co-facilitated for two years and again, the food was incredible and we got to experience and be amazed by  the consistency and quality of her cooking. She can do anything, does it incredibly well and will make you laugh. She is completely genuine, loves her work more than anybody else I know, and that can certainly be tasted in her food. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to be in charge of such a huge and important part of our most special day ever. Period. And the staff are incredibly professional, hard-working and fun. You'll be SO happy if you go with EAT! Good luck with all the planning, have fun and again, congrats!  Cheers, Karina


I hear you are working with Katie on your upcoming wedding - congrats! Both on your engagement and finding Katie :) I cannot say enough great things about Katie - she is talented beyond words and is such a joy to work with! My husband and I got married July 2013 at the Lyons Farmette and we were so blessed to have met Katie - she cooked an unforgettable meal for our 100 guests, of course, but she also helped craft the entire vision for our celebration and introduced us to other passionate and talented vendors. She had so many great ideas and I trusted her completely. The food was absolutely delicious and our guests rave about it to this day! The salads and grilled veggies and pork and fish and sliders and bacon wrapped dates and YUM. It was all perfection! Katie also helped immensely when a storm threatened to rain on our outdoor wedding. She was able to source a tent and have it put up within the hour and our guests were none the wiser. I'm sure there was a lot of scrambling behind the scenes but from my perspective, she pulled it off seamlessly and with her signature smile! And, my God, the food. Did I mention the food?? My mom still talks about Katie's chimichurri. It's life-changing. Cheers! Ashley