We take great pride in providing impeccable services for your special day.  Our team works together to manage and facilitate smooth operations before, during and after each event.  It is made possible because of our amazing catering manager, Heather Stansel and because we have the best service staff in Colorado!!!

We are responsible for the overall operation of the catering facility and details leading up to and pertaining to the day of the event. This involves not only running the catering facility during an event, but also handling all the preparation before the event and after as well. Our catering manager maintains employee and vendor relations before, during and after the event has been completed.  Heather is hands-on and involved in all aspects of your event, including staff and vendor management to meet all of our clients expectations to ensure a smooth, organized and seamless event.  
- management of food & beverage provision
- management of staff & vendors at your event
- assistance with ordering of rental agreements and contracts
- overall management of entire event from start to finish
- planning & consulting with chefs, staff members, vendors, and event planner
- organization and supervision of staff and vendors
- ensuring all guidelines are met - health standards, facility rules & regulations, set up and clean up of site
- site plan management & supervision of event
- liaison with suppliers, vendors and clients
- maintaining quality standards