Katie, Heather and Georgia,

We can't thank the three of you enough for how amazing you have been to work with during this whole process. You three made our wedding planning enjoyable and more fun than we thought possible, and I can't say enough amazing things about all that you contributed to our special day. We honestly loved you three so much, and I feel sad that our day is over partially because I will no longer get to work with you all!

Katie, your food was BEYOND incredible for our wedding. People flipped out over it, and my boss and his wife are planning on heading to your restaurant any day now! Heather, you were so sweet and pleasant to work with and made Jeff and I both laugh and feel so comfortable. Georgia- where do we start?! You were my saving grace and made our day absolutely perfect- and you managed to keep me calm whenever I was getting a little worried. You went above and beyond!

Seriously, you three were absolutely the best part of our wedding planning and made our day absolutely magical. A big hug to all of you, and a huge THANK YOU!

PS. We hope to see you soon at your restaurant in Lyons or back at the farmette for a farm dinner!

With all the love in our hearts,

Kala and Jeff ~ Lyons Farmette Wedding 2014 ~ 120 Guests

- - - - - - -

I've personally worked with Katie and Eat Private Chef and Catering Company for two events . One was a professional event that served 150 VIP guests at a live event held at the Boulder Theater, and the other was at a wedding party that my wife and I held for our close friends in Crested Butte. Needless to say, both events presented some unique challenges in preparing delicious fresh food on the fly. Katie made sure that everything prepared was perfect -

"artistic and delicious, regardless of what additional work it required!"

After having many sub-par catering experiences in the past, I was very happy to have found someone focused on the details and making sure that everything on the menu for our events was perfect. Katie will be the first person that we contact in the future for any events that require catering! -- Bryan Smith

Slipstream Sports ~ Boulder Theater ~ 150 VIP Guests

- - - - - - -

"The total energy and love that Katie puts into her dinners makes everything fun, delicious and amazing! "

She is great to work with and we have been so fortunate to have Katie have some incredible Farm to Tables dinners and weddings here ~ and look forward to more in the coming season! -- Betsy and Mike, The Lyons Farmette

The Lyons Farmette ~ Farm-to-Table Dinners ~ 35-50 guests


- - - - - - -

I am an Eat eater. I have been to weddings catered by Eat, I have had private chef meals by Eat, I have been to private/special events with food by Eat at the beautiful Lyons Farmette.... every time Eat knocks it out of the park.

"Their food is approachable, not overly fancy or complicated, but extremely well thought out and executed."

Every dish has always tasted great individually while complimenting each other to form a cohesive mouth watering meal. It's like merging fine dining with mom's cooking into a perfectly sophisticated but unpretentious flavor extravaganza. Clearly, I highly recommend Eat. Go eat it. -- Joey Padden

Wedding and Farm-to-Table Guest

- - - - - - -

Katie has been cooking for me and my wife for over a year now.  Her food is delicious and creative, and she offers a wide variety of menu options.  Aside from cooking for us at home weekly, Katie also catered my wife's bridal lunch, and her friends are still raving about it. 

"Not only do we love Katie's cooking, we love her!"

 We highly recommend Eat.  Do yourself a favor and choose Eat for your next event. -- Dan K

Weekly Private Chef Client

- - - - - - -

All my life, I have struggled with my weight; I had no idea how to cook foods that were healthy and tasty until I utilized Eat Private Chef and Catering Company.  Through Katie, I learned what food was good for me and how to cook it. 

"As a result of Katie's teachings, I have successfully lost and maintained a 70 pound weight loss for the past 4 years."  

Through her delicious food and incredible knowledge, I achieved what seemed impossible and I can’t thank Eat enough.  Katie, you change lives with your knowledge, passion and love for food, thank you, thank you, thank you!   -- Susan Maxwell

Weight Loss Client

- - - - - - -

I went Eat's Farm-to-Table dinner at the Lyons Farmette cooked by Katie, and was completely delighted with every dish served.  Each mouthful was interesting without being weird.  I was able to taste the food because it was all seasoned in a balanced manner, but creatively, so that the subtlety of the main component of the dish was not obscured, but enhanced.

"Imagine going to a museum and instead of looking at the art, you could taste it!"

 That's the experience of eating the food Katie cooks. -- Katharine Guiles Ellis

 - - - - - - -

Katie and EAT made my wedding reception delicious, beautiful, and so easy!  I wanted a relaxed tapas-style dinner that was 100% gluten-free and EAT did an amazing job.  We met with her to discuss what we wanted and the budget it needed to fit, and she delivered.  Katie worked with us to add a couple of our own dishes to the menu. 

"The food was delicious and the presentation gorgeous."

Her staff is professional and courteous -- and fun!!  We got several compliments on the food both at the wedding and afterwards.  There's no doubt that I would recommend EAT to all of my friends. -- Ariel Dutton

Backyard Wedding ~ Summer 2011 ~ 150 guests

- - - - - - -

I have had the culinary delight of hiring Katie on multiple occasions.  Be it an intimate family dinner or big family reunion, Katie and EAT deliver healthy, gorgeous and delightful food.  It’s always been delivered in a timely way, with a great big smile and love.  

"It’s so clear that Katie loves what she does, it shines through every bite."  

I would recommend Katie for your little or big occasion. She’ll remind you why you love good food!  -- Taylor White Moffitt

Weekend Farmily Reunion ~ Fall 2010 ~ 25 guests

- - - - - - -

"Katie is a dream come true."  

Great food, at home, and I don't have to cook (or clean up!).  The food is invariably fresh, delicious and nutritious.  As well as being healthy, her yummy home-cooked meals are always a hit with my 3 kids.  Highly recommended! -- Beth Leuchten

Weekly Private Chef Client

- - - - - - -

I have worked with and for Katie doing catering and also wedding planning for 4 years.  I am constantly amazed by how smooth each event has gone.

" I am always delighted to hear everyone rave about the food."  

The food is always fresh and delicious and perfectly prepared and served.  As an event planner, I wouldn't recommend any other catering service other than EAT!   -- Linette DeSano

Day of Event Planner

- - - - - - -

Katie has been our personal chef for 8 years.  

"Because of Katie, our family and guests eat like royalty." 

The food is fresh, healthy, and delicious.  Katie’s service provides us with the meal-time convenience which makes our busy lifestyle possible. -- David Jones

Weekly Private Chef Client

- - - - - - -

I have been lucky enough to work with Katie in a number different ways.  Katie has served as a personal chef for our family as well as catered some of our most important family events.  

"To say she is talented is an absolute understatement.  Katie is extraordinary!"  

Not only does she make creative and delicious food, but she is so fun to be around.  Katie is totally reliable and is always very collaborative with designing menus.  I would highly recommend Eat!           -- Erin Magsamen

Baby Shower ~ 60 guests // Weekly Private Chef Client

- - - - - - -

"Not only is Katie B an exceptionally talented and creative chef, but she is an absolute delight to be around. Once she is in your kitchen you will not want her to leave!"

-- Sabrina Clauson