Eat is a Conscious + creative Culinary company

 We are located in Aspen, Colorado.  

We are culinary artists who take great pride in the presentation and taste of each meal we create, while at the same time striving to inspire healthful and sustainable eating practices. We support community-based agriculture and permaculture food production whenever possible, emphasizing the use of locally grown, seasonal ingredients. We are a true farm-to-table company and we love "shaking the hand of our farmers".  Our dishes are real, rustic and harvested fresh.  We believe that cooking requires nourishment and love ~ and that process begins at the rooted seed.  

Our mission is simple. Healthy cuisine can be joyful, creative  – and, of course – beautiful & delicious!

Eat’s core principles guide their approach.  We believe in working closely with our clients to curate your gathering and to make it unforgettable ~ from the customized menu planning stage to execution of your event.  Eat believes in compassion and flexibility to meet our client’s needs.  Eat has extensive experience working with specific dietary requirements and food allergies.  Our passion for farm-to-table dinners, where locally grown ingredients keep the links between community farming and the pleasure of eating strong, translates into how we approach every gathering.  Eat strives to support local agriculture, permaculture food production, and sustainable practices in both principle and practice.  Most of all, Eat believes that healthy cuisine can be joyful, creative - and, of course, beautiful and delicious!

Meet the Chef.

Katie B. Hueth, founder, owner & executive chef of Eat, grew up with dreams of being an artist.  Little did she know her creative aspirations would be expressed through the culinary arts.  Katie is a Food-Artist, using the kitchen as her palette to create aesthetically pleasing and mouthwatering masterpieces.

Originally from upstate New York, Katie moved to Colorado in 2001 to pursue her passion for the outdoors, skiing and the healthy lifestyle surrounding the Rocky Mountains. Katie realized the joy and satisfaction she received from cooking and perfected her trade as a chef in the Boulder area . Eat Private Chef and Catering was born in 2005, and quickly became Colorado's premier private chef & catering company for private parties, farm-to-table dinners and larger celebrations. Based out of the Aspen area, Katie is excited to offer unique experiences gathered around the table, while exclusively using the bountiful resources of the Roaring Fork Valley. 


Chelsey was born and raised on the shoreline of Connecticut where baking and cooking food from their garden was a big part of her family life.  Naturally, Chelsey went on to attend Baking and Pastry school in 2003 and then also graduated with her Food Service Management and Culinary Arts degrees in 2008. After moving to Colorado in 2011, she met Katie through mutual friends and the two quickly became friends and colleagues in the kitchen. Chelsey has her own private chef business (Left Hand Catering) and works with Eat to deliver impeccable food & quality to our clientele.


The food is approachable, not overly fancy or complicated, but extremely well thought out and executed.


Katie ~ Founder, Owner & Executive Chef

Chelsey ~ Private Chef